Good Diet = Good Ankle?

My senior year of college I randomly woke up one morning with a swollen ankle. I am sure I am not the only college student to have this story. I seriously don’t remember falling, and neither does my partner in crime that night. So, it stands a mystery. Anywho, for about a year my ankle would swell every time I drank alcohol. My friends teased me that I had the gout and would end up like Benjamin Franklin, being carried around in a wheelbarrow.

So, just for the record, I don’t really have the gout. But, this year, I did start having trouble with my ankle again. Not so much swelling, but random immense pain, where it feels like it is going to break in half and I almost fall to ground. While cooking one day and talking to my fiance, I narrowly avoided dropping a whole mess of food while writhing in pain. He suggested I get it looked at. FINE!

Podiatrist. MRI. Podiatrist. Orthopedic Surgeon.

I really have trouble paying attention when doctors are talking to me. It’s like I know I am not going to understand, so I have a mental block from even attempting to understand. The best I can explain it is that in my MRI there is this big dot of white where there should be no white and they want to break my bones and clean it out.

Are you still with me? Is this getting too gross/personal?

Okay, cutting to the chase. Sort of. So, during all of this doctor visiting I went on a 10 day Master Cleanse. During this time I realized I wasn’t sneezing anymore. Seriously. My whole adult life I just thought I was allergic to life, but turns out, the food you eat can make you sneeze and make you all stuffed up!

Enter my second opinion: Jeanne Kennedy Crosby. I went to her because my awesomely crazy roommate works for her and is also one of her clients. I went into it totally skeptical, and, now after just two weeks of change in diet, supplements, and a bit of chiropractic work, my ankle is much better. It is definitely not perfect, but I can tell such a difference. The sad thing is, Jeanne wants me to avoid wheat, dairy, sugar, soy, and corn. Yes, all things fun. I have been mostly good, just a beer or a piece of chocolate here and there, but mostly, it’s been surprisingly easy. Plus, I am sneezing way less. Which is good for all. My sneeze is like a hatchet chopping off a chickens head (as PTH describes). It sounds painful.

Plus, I still get to make amazing dishes like this: Curry Salmon dish


3 thoughts on “Good Diet = Good Ankle?

  1. My chiropractor told me to lay off dairy and soy. I’ve only had one minor asthma attack since. I think wheat is the next thing I need to give up on my road to wellness. I’ll give the curry fish a try.

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