About Me…

I am really horribly bad at describing myself. My cover letters are probably the most mundane prose anyone has ever read. I get hives thinking about having to write a blurb about myself for my upcoming graduation (!) program.

First, let me just preface this with: I am not pregnant! but I was looking at this blog and found myself inspired to try and describe myself. I can be honest and witty right?


My name is Amy Wheeler. I was born before Jesus on December 20th to two passionate entrepreneurs and two loving and insane siblings. I grew up in the suburbs of Atlanta, in a town mainly consisting of a big mall and big trucks. With a grocery store-owning former mayor grandfather, we learned the value of hard work, good food, and giving to one’s community.


  • I hate glitter. Wonder why? Put some glitter on and then tell me you don’t find some in a very strange place on your body two months later
  • I am allergic to most things cute (horses, bunnies, cats, dogs, ponies)
  • My mom went to high school with Dolly Parton
  • If I am being quiet it probably means I am judging
  • I never learned how to dive into water
  • I really hate it when people pronounce the word Crayon “crown”
  • I know its wrong, but I often raise my voice when speaking to someone whose first language is not English. I know it doesn’t make it any more clear
  • If you look at a picture of my grandmother at my age now, we look like twins
  • I have major personal space issues (sorry Liz!) except for with PTH
  • Joni Mitchell speaks to the core of my soul
  • The only movie I cry watching every time is A League of Their Own
  •  I’ve been wearing my favorite hoodie since the 6th grade
  • I really like to say fuck (sorry mom) It just has a nice ring to it
  • I would rather eat an entire pizza than cake
  • I can do really dumb things, like when I was in my brother’s car and thought it was a 2-door (it’s a 4-door and I didn’t need to get out to help in his friend)
  • I almost went to culinary school, but instead I decided to get my MBA
  • I really love toast

2 thoughts on “About Me…

  1. I appreciate the honesty and the public apology. But I really think you could reconsider the glitter thing. Finding glitter 2 months later in a random place is kind of like finding a mini photograph of the previous event. .. only you are the only one who can see it.

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