Hello World!

So, here it is. A blog about me and my ramblings. I’m sorry.

This blog will not only be about food, but also about myself and my struggles to live in this world. I welcome comments at all times. I would like this to be a dialogue, not just me “spitting into the wind,” as my ninth grade teacher used to say.

I hope to share great articles like this about Dirty Dancing and how awesome it is, videos like this from my hometown of Atlanta, GA, and actual happenings, musings, and events from my life.

Currently, I am incredibly happy and also extremely heartbroken. Two years ago I met the love of my life and we are set to marry next August. At this time he is grieving for both his parents; his dad passed in April 2009, his mom in April of 2011. His brother, 55, is now facing and battling stage 4 cancer, that has spread to his bones. I cry more than he does, but I know he is grieving and torn up inside. I can see it in his eyes, hear it in his voice, and see it in his actions. He is the most powerful person I have ever met, with the strength to continue to facilitate a relationship with me and finish his 2nd year of MBA school during such trying times.

Together we have recently been talking a lot about right livelihood and what it means to truly live. It’s hard to sit in an office 8 hours a day when you feel you should be spending time with your brother or just calling and chatting with your mother, who is your best friend, yet lives 2500 miles away. It also seems silly to me that I feel awkward saying “hello” to the guy sitting next to me as we eat dinner at the bar, or to the person on the MAX who is also traveling with a bike. I guess what I mean to say is, I want more matter with less art, that is, I want more substance, and less circumstance.